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Alcott Global Podcast: Carbon Neutrality in a Shipping Company

Aug 11, 2022
Alcott Global Podcast: Carbon Neutrality in a Shipping Company

In an episode of Leaders in Tech & E-commerce Podcast, Rushit Shah, Regional Director - Asia Pacific of Alcott Global interviewed James Chin Moody, Founder& CEO of Sendle.

Listen to the full episode here.

Key highlights of this episode:

  • The origin story of Sendle

  • Reaching a 100% carbon neutral delivery service

  • Biggest issues concerning climate change today

  • Sendle’s success stories

  • Why they choose Australia and the US to be their base of operations

  • Skills required to be successful in Sendle

Sendle started with the purpose to empower marketplaces and small businesses. James mentioned that at the beginning they had a solution that is way cheaper, faster, convenient, and sustainable and that is when they realized what purpose they want to serve and the beginning of the transition to becoming a shipping company. One of the things that they are focused on is identifying what their customers need, which in turn helped them grow as an organization.

In this episode, they tackled carbon neutrality in the shipping business. Proudly, Sendle has been able to become a 100% carbon-neutral delivery service and how they were able to reach that. He also shared how much offsetting looks like on the bottom line. He also talked about some of the leading issues when it comes to climate change.

Moving towards the end of the podcast, they talked about why Sendle chose Australia and the US as their base of operations. James also shared what skills they are looking for, mentioning the five H's: humble, honest, happy, hungry, and high performing. Lastly, he shared how they are supporting their employees when it comes to mental health. 

About James Chin Moody

James Chin Moody is co-founder and CEO of Sendle. Sendle builds shipping that is good for the world that helps small businesses thrive by making package delivery simple, reliable, and affordable and is the only 100% Carbon Neutral Delivery Service in Australia and the United States.

James is an experienced senior executive and board member. He was a member of the Executive team at Australia’s national research agency, CSIRO, for eight years with organizational-wide responsibility for business development, government relations, international development, and strategic foresight. He was also the Chief Systems Engineer for FedSat, the first Australian satellite to be launched in 30 years.

About Leaders in Tech & E-commerce Podcast

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The host, Rushit Shah is the Regional Director - Asia Pacific of Alcott Global. Rushit comes with 20 years of Executive Search and Selection with 8 years of Supply Chain Consulting service within APAC. Have worked for more than 40 countries with diversified industries and functionality.

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