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Alcott Global Podcast: Adapting to the Supply Chain New Normal

Mar 09, 2023
Alcott Global Podcast: Adapting to the Supply Chain New Normal

In Episode #135 of Leaders in Supply Chain and Logistics Podcast, Fei Yu, Managing Director Europe of Alcott Global interviewed Federico Marchesi, Head of Supply Chain Management, Haier Europe.

Listen to the full episode here.

Key highlights of this episode:

  • The need to adapt to the new normal in the supply chain industry

  • Building resilience in the face of supply chain challenges

  • Prioritizing eco-friendly practices and ensuring sustainability

  • Importance of focusing on people and their abilities

The podcast episode highlights the need for supply chain professionals to be adaptable, flexible, and innovative in the face of changing industry dynamics. By embracing digital transformation, collaboration, and sustainability, companies can stay competitive and meet the needs of their customers in the new normal.

In this episode, Marchesi explains that the supply chain industry has faced several challenges in the last few years, including the pandemic, trade tensions, and changing customer demands. To adapt to these challenges, supply chain professionals need to be flexible and agile. He emphasizes the importance of digital transformation in the supply chain industry, including the use of data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to optimize operations and make informed decisions. He also stresses the importance of collaboration and partnerships between different players in the supply chain, including suppliers, manufacturers, logistics providers, and customers.

Lastly, the conversation also touches on the importance of sustainability in the supply chain industry, and the need to reduce carbon emissions and waste. Marchesi suggests that companies can achieve sustainability goals by optimizing their supply chains and reducing inefficiencies.

About Federico Marchesi

Federico Marchesi is the Head of the Supply Chain for Haier Europe. He brings 10 years of experience across various supply chain functions in multiple industries, including consumer electronics, automotive, and retail.

He has an engineering background with a big passion for solving complex challenges.

About Leaders in Supply Chain Podcast

Leaders in Supply Chain and Logistics Podcast is one of Alcott Global’s projects focused on bringing some of the best thought leaders in the industry, picking their brains, and sharing their insights with as many interested listeners as possible. They want to connect you with global experts, thought leaders, and executives in all things supply chain. We talk about Supply Chain and Logistics leading-edge technologies, leadership stories, and personal success habits.

The host, Fei Yu has 15+ years of experience in Executive Search and Talent Acquisition & Management, gained from top-tier consultancy and premium executive search firms.

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