Alcott Global: From Source to Sold by Radu Palamariu and Knut Alicke

Sep 08, 2022

Uncertainty is a characteristic of the international business landscape in which supply chains operate. The global pandemic, geo-political turmoil, regulatory pressures to reduce environmental impact, price volatility, and the ripple effects of global bottlenecks increased the complexity of the role Supply Chain executives play in the modern corporation and, subsequently, in global economies.

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Looking to stay relevant in the e-commerce logistics industry?
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  • What makes a great supply chain leader?

  • What lessons can we learn from the best supply chain leaders across varied industries?

  • How can Supply Chain leaders reach the CEO chair or boardroom table?

The authors of From Source to Sold, Radu Palamariu and Knut Alicke interviewed successful leaders in supply chain and put together all these amazing stories in a book with the goal of conveying the contributor’s passion and passing on the lessons they have learned throughout their careers. And now after months of preparing, the book will be available on the 4th of October and pre-orders are now available on Amazon

The book provides the reader with firsthand accounts and insightful lessons from supply chain experts, thought leaders, and industry disruptors who are steering everything from large multinationals to innovative start-ups at the leading edge of their industries. You’ll hear about some remarkable career journeys and discover the smart business strategies and specific techniques that today’s best supply chain leaders have used to make their organizations great, and — in some cases — elevate themselves to the C-suite.

Discover essential skills, real-world business applications, and insightful leadership knowledge straight from the world's best supply chain leaders: Yossi Sheffi, Ivanka Janssen, Ernest Nicolas, Sandra MacQuillan, Jim Rowan, Tan Chong Meng, Thomas Netzer, Lynn Torrel, Pier Luigi Sigismondi, Sami Naffakh, Tommy Rahbek Nielsen, Essa Al-Saleh, Deepak Garg, Ken Allen, Vikram Agarwal, Beatrix Praeceptor, Michael Corbo, Andres Krinninger, Jay Lee,Bonnie Fetch, Achim Duennwald, Dirk Holbach, Donna Warton, Sascha Menges, Chouaib Rokbi, and Claudio Strobl.

[From] Source to Sold will be available and distributed globally through Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Amazon, Book Depository, Rakuten kobo, Walmart, Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Nook, Booktopia, Blackwell's, Scribd, and

About the Authors:

Radu Palamariu

Radu is the Managing Director of Asia Pacific and Europe of Alcott Global and the Global Head of Supply Chain & Logistics Practice. He has been working on C-level and top management executive search assignments with Top Fortune 500 companies and local European and Asian conglomerates, particularly for manufacturing, logistics, transportation, supply chain management and e-commerce.

Knut Alicke

Knut Alicke, Partner at McKinsey & Company, part of the global Supply Chain leadership team and a visiting professor of supply chain at the University of Cologne. Knut is one of the global experts on the topics of operations, supply chain, and risk and was ranked in the Top 3 Supply Chain Influencers by a supply chain magazine.

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