Guest Post: A Guide to Using Social Media to Boost Your Retail Brand

May 19, 2022

It would be a lie if you said you aren’t on social media or you simply have no idea what it is. This is 2022 and be it Gen-Z, Boomers, or the amazing Millennials, they are are all unitedly using these fast paced social networking websites.

From Facebook postings to Twitter tweets, we are all bound under the sharing web of this media genre. Now, this medium is not related to just following your friends and seeing their pictures online, this has evolved its tentacles into marketing, advertising, and information gathering streams. 

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At first, the web was static with just a couple of experts making content however presently anybody can engrave themselves on the web. It’s a living, social thing. The social web implies individuals have a voice and they progressively need to address and impart to their companions. 

This intelligence implies web retail brands can no longer disregard their clients and need to start engaging with individuals examining their brand. Social networks offer retail brands a chance to shape a relationship with a large number of clients and furthermore address them independently. Also, as more individuals shop and cash their money online on brands, the retail sector needs to get their web-based social technique right.

Social media has made it easy for businesses to track their mobility of goods as this serves a great help in logistic department. Secondly the retail brands can monitor their supply chain through the means of social networking sites too. Retail has surely responded to the social age and pretty much every brand has some type of presence via a virtual networking website whether it’s a Twitter handle, a Pinterest board or a Facebook page. 

Brands perhaps draw tons of individuals to their Facebook page, yet on the grounds that individuals are ‘liking’ or ‘retweeting’ don’t mean they’re purchasing. Also, that is most likely the ultimate objective of brands creating and keeping a web-based entertainment presence. A social strategy needs to prompt expansion of desires for items and afterward drive sales.

Here are some tactics which can help you boost your retail business through social media:

Expand Your Brand on All Social Media Channels

Starting a clothing line or making a new identity for an existing one, social media is your new pal to make the retail business best through it. While investing all your efforts and the amounts of energy into one channel could hold you back from extending your assets far. Also, ongoing researches highlight exactly how significant Instagram is for retailers today with regard to social selling. 

All things considered, there’s something else to social media for retail besides the ‘gram. This idiom fits perfectly that “the world is your oyster”, simply this social media is your playground don’t restrict your business to one segment. Every component of this media comes with its own set of perks that can enthral your retail business in the market. The e-commerce has strived its way to make sure that all brands or businesses should entangle their success quotient to social media to some extent. 

Generate Content That Is Appreciated and Enticing

The essential part of social media for retail organizations stays to make content that gives out value. Make engaging posts via social media that give genuine, significant information to the masses. In fact, it is estimated that about 75% of customers prefer companies who come up with some sort of loyalty program. In the end, retailers or brand pages should give a few assistance guides and how-tos content that your customers can allude to if they face a particular issue regarding that same topic. The way to make content via social media ought to be to such an extent that it will captivate your customers to try your product.

While numerous sales come from social media, your customers essentially come there to have a good time and socialize virtually. Subsequently, you really want to engage them in a pleasant way of keeping your clients drawn in with your brand so they can continue to get back to your social media page. Some of the simple things that can attract potential and existing customers to your business plan are:

  • Giveaways

  • Freebies

  • Contests 

  • Referrals discounts 

Whenever you give points or discounts in return a trade-off for their money spent at your store, you are basically making customers to feel like VIPs, consequently captivating them to become brand advocates.

Improvement in Sourcing

The supply chain requires a large number of labor supplies to deal with all operations. Social media websites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and University Career sites are advancing and directing associations for the hiring process. Supply and demand for the required range of abilities, and experience can be by and large met by means of these websites. Likewise, it has no restriction on a specific region or area. Every one of the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle can be found in one spot. It meaningfully affects the efficiency and cost associated with the process. Retail brands can seek and eliminate manpower through the means of this practice too.

Brand Awareness

Social media turns into a significant key for helping brand awareness and acquiring perceivability online by understanding the mindset of the target audience. Contrasted with customary marketing showcasing via social media is pointedly less expensive and successful. Your advertising endeavors can be augmented by depending on your decisions on customer feedback and by estimating the campaign results information. Brand awareness remains one of the most important yet the most neglected components too. Even if your product is in the market, you need to create an interaction with the public and let them feel your product through their hands. In this way, a connection can be built virtually, and also traditionally.  

Social Media Trends to Follow

Your customers are the initial ones with regards to taking on the most recent trend in social media. And if you do not follow the trends which change with each passing day, then you will observe these clients gradually slipping from your store. Truth be told, clients demand brands to be more socially mindful than them; effective social media for retail organizations works when you watch out for each pattern carried out.

So applying this technique, you will ultimately observe your influence improving as the obsolete promoting strategies have zero to unimportant profit from speculation. Understand that social networking sites for retail businesses imply substantially more than free promotion for your items. A great example of keeping up with each social media trend is seen on Kylie Jenner’s retail cosmetic line, where she is always on top of her game on social websites prominently not only for cosmetics but, also collaborating with clothing manufacturers for small business too, she just dives into an opportunity not looking only for big names. Because effective retailers are the ones that continue to explore their horizons.

Logistics via Social Media

  • Refresh shipments plan so that there is an expansion in the tracking and visibility of your supply chain, allowing the data to be received on an immediate basis. 

  • Assemble significant data from social media on cargo transportation unanticipated issues, for example, mishaps and road closures that influence the conveyance plan. This data can be utilized to re-route the deliveries.

  • Be well informed about atmospheric conditions and other natural calamities that could influence your shipment or conveyances.

  • Share or gain information for risk identification, and uncover the risks in your supply chain.

  • Search and gather innovative ideas according to various perspectives to additionally further develop your business offers.

Augmented Reality in Collaboration With E-commerce Retail

Augmented Reality (AR) applications have turned into a typical commonplace in the retail business, with an ever increasing number of retailers putting resources into Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve client experience as well as to diminish costs. 

One of the main furniture producers, IKEA rushed to embrace AR innovation to help its customers in pursuing better purchasing choices. In 2017, the organization worked together with Apple and assembled the “IKEA Place” application that permits customers to see IKEA items in a superimposed design environment.

 With assistance of the application, customers can buy the right furniture to match the varieties, style, and generally look of their living spaces. With IKEA Place, shoppers can see a household item against the background of their own homes. The application gives customers 98% exactness in their purchasing decision, bringing about a high consumer loyalty ratio.

To Sum Up

From logistics to supply chain, social media encompasses all mediums of e-commerce through its viable web. If you want to take your retail brand to climb the success ladder, then you must opt for a social media medium to promote your product. It doesn’t matter if your business is big or small, as this genre of e-commerce will welcome it with an open arm. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest all have distinguished features that always work for the betterment in terms of marketing, and also in receiving sales through it. So grab your laptop and make your brand page now and understand the dynamics of this great invention of mankind.

Author’s bio:

Author's Bio: Amelia from Affix Apparel

My Name is Amelia I am a Content Marketing Manager at Affix Apparel. I am originally from California USA; I have completed my graduation from Pepperdine University majoring in marketing. I have been working as a content marketing manager at Affix Apparel for the past 4 years.

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