5 Shopping Trends You Sho...

5 Shopping Trends You Should Know for Peak Season Success

Oct 10, 2023
5 Shopping Trends You Should Know for Peak Season Success

With the 2023 peak season just around the corner, businesses around the world are gearing up for what promises to be a dynamic and transformative period.

The strategies and practices retailers implement for a successful peak season are not only critical for meeting immediate demands but also have a lasting impact on the overall customer experience throughout the year. In this ever-changing landscape, it's essential to understand what today's consumers expect and anticipate during the upcoming peak shopping season.

What factors hold sway over the purchase decisions of today's consumers? How should retailers prepare to meet these evolving expectations? Which shopping channels are consumers gravitating towards this season? In this article, we delve deep to answer these questions and provide insights into how businesses can thrive during this crucial time.

52% of consumers would buy more items in the presence of free returns

In the world of digital retailing, cart abandonment is a common problem. It is critical for retailers to place a high priority on retaining customers and that includes a simple and comprehensive returns policy.  According to Rakuten Insights, 33% of consumers are willing to make repeated purchases from the same store whilst 52% are willing to buy more items when a free returns policy is offered

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