Top 3 Key Trends in E-Com...

Top 3 Key Trends in E-Commerce Logistics

Oct 19, 2021
Top 3 Key Trends in E-Commerce Logistics

For e-commerce businesses, do you find it hard to generate sales? With so many social media platforms to choose from, it is easy  to get overwhelmed. and content marketing could also take months before it starts to show results and pay off. When COVID struck, consumers expected all deliveries to be made to their doorstep almost instantly. This proves that we’ve grown to anticipate that whatever we require or desire may be brought to our doorsteps at any time. Businesses face increasing hurdles as customers demand logistics operations to be more efficient and more optimized than it has ever been.

Gone are the days when we used traditional courier services where you must schedule your delivery with the courier firm ahead of time, and never know where your driver is. There’s no way of tracking your parcel. You have no way of knowing if your perishable package or time-sensitive paper will arrive on time.

Same-day Delivery

Traditional courier services take far longer—around 2 to 3 days—leaving many customers impatient to get their hands on their purchases. Customers who shop online expect immediate and fast delivery. Businesses that have previously implemented same-day delivery have seen a rise in conversion rates, a reduction in returns, as well as an increase in the number of clientele. More customers are willing to purchase items again in the future and to recommend it to others.

Digitalization of Tracking Information

It is important to let your customers know the whereabouts of their packages with global package tracking services on your e-commerce platform. On-demand delivery services provide GPS tracking up to the last mile. Both the sender and receiver of the package can see how far or close the delivery vehicle is to the drop-off location. Clients may track the exact routes, roads, streets, and highways used by the delivery driver that is transporting their items. Additionally, this feature gives the item’s expected arrival time, so customers can get a rough idea of when they can get the goods, giving them a sense of assurance and security.

Inclusion of Print Marketing 

Everybody loves coupons! When delivering products to customers, be sure to include a flyer with coupon code. This strategy for increasing e-commerce sales is easy to implement and can be used with any kind of print advertisements. There are many graphic design tools out there that are specifically for creating flyers. Here are some examples of online flyer makers: PhotoADKing, Canva, BeFunky and Crello which are useful to create stunning flyers within minutes.

Moreover, most people print stickers in bulk because it is very cheap and easy to use. You can use them to seal your packages or you can use them to label your products. People incorporate stickers to communicate clear messages like expressing gratitude, sharing a discount code, highlighting best-selling items, or generating a QR code guiding customers back to their online shop. With the right design and text on a sticker, you could increase your e-commerce sales no matter what business you are in. You could even use a collage tool to conjure up unique designs that combine a multitude of images and talking points to further promote the different products and services you offer as efficiently as possible.

E-commerce businesses have become a necessity for us now as they make our life more convenient. However, more and more businesses are improving their logistics operations. To beat the competition, we have to take advantage of technological advancements and marketing strategies.

There are plenty of online printing services available today. Believe it or not, print marketing can increase your e-commerce sales and add value to your customers logistic experience.

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