Top Logistics Tech Companies in the US to Watch

Feb 24, 2022

What is supply chain technology? Digitization of the what? These were the common questions investors had just three years ago when they were still unfamiliar with innovations in the logistics space. 

Fast forward to the post-COVID era where on-demand commerce has disrupted e-commerce in ways we could have never imagined. To remain competitive in this new world order, it is a must for businesses with core logistics to ramp up their investments in all things tech. Fortunately for them, there has been a huge flow of capital into the logistics-tech sector in recent years, despite the difficult economic situation resulting from the pandemic. 

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This year’s list of top companies to watch includes a great mix of high-growth scale-ups, small creative startups, and everything in between. In this round, we have focused on firms based in the United States. Check them out below!

Plus One Robotics

Plus One Robotics is the leading provider of vision software for logistics robots.  Keeping up with its mission of “always on” logistics, the company develops autonomous mobile robots (AMR) for warehouses and distribution centers. Through the implementation of Plus One robots, businesses can mitigate the persistent labor shortage while simultaneously bridging the gap between steady state volume and surge.

  • Year Founded: 2016

  • Location: San Antonio, Texas, United States

  • Funding: $43.6M

  • Key Backers: McRock Capital, Palo Alto, and Translink Capital


Nuro is an autonomous delivery startup founded by two former Google engineers. Unlike its competitors,  Nuro focuses on creating self-driving vehicles for transporting goods instead of people.  Its service enables merchants to deliver goods to customers in a timely, cost-effective, and secure manner. As of today, the firm has already collaborated with big names like CVS, Domino’s and Walmart.

  • Year Founded: 2016

  • Location: Mountain View, California, United States

  • Funding: $2.1B

  • Existing Investors: Tiger Global Management, SoftBank Vision Fund 1 and Greylock among many others

Parcel Perform

Parcel Perform is the leading delivery experience platform that enables modern e-commerce enterprises to create unique end-to-end customer journeys and optimize logistics operations with powerful data integrations, parcel tracking, delivery notifications and logistics performance reports in real-time. 

Parcel Perform’s scalable SaaS platform executes more than 100M parcel updates daily and integrates with 800+ carriers. The data-first company is pioneering innovative ML / AI use cases in e-commerce logistics including its ‘Date of Arrival’ prediction engine. Parcel Perform is the partner of choice for top brands, marketplaces and carriers across all major verticals globally. 

  • Year Founded: 2016

  • Location: Global

  • Funding: $21.5M

  • Investors: Cambridge Capital, Softbank Ventures Asia, Wavemaker Partners, and Investible amongst others


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