Top 5 Sustainable Brands To Shop From

Aug 31, 2021

What does it mean to be sustainable? Or specifically, what makes a product sustainable? Consumer interest in sustainability and sustainable products has rapidly been growing; more than 50% of consumers globally have purchased a sustainable product

In recent years,  many companies have jumped on the sustainability bandwagon, but how many of them are effectively driving sustainability? Read on to see a list of brands that we think have truly walked the talk with their innovative and meaningful sustainability initiatives. 


Adidas has pledged to only use recycled plastic by 2024. The athletic fashion brand declared that it intends to challenge the fashion industry in sustainability and has had different sustainability initiatives over the years.

“In 2018 alone, we saved more than 40 tons of plastic waste in our offices, retail stores, warehouses and distribution centers worldwide and replaced it with more sustainable solutions,” said Gil Steyaert, responsible for global operations, in a company statement. Some of Adidas’s initiatives include their 100% recyclable performance running shoe, and creating plant-based leather. In 2020, the brand hit a milestone – 50% of the polyester used in their products was recycled.

Adidas Performance Running Shoe

(Image source: Engadget)

“As a company, we have an intrinsic desire to see new possibilities everywhere,” explains Marwin Hoffmann, Adidas’ Brand Sustainability Senior Director, in an interview with Dazed. “By 2050, we have the ultimate goal to achieve global climate neutrality.”


ThredUp is an online consignment and thrift store that focuses heavily on creating a sustainable fashion future for their consumers. The company works with over 35,000 brands from Gap to Gucci, and recently, Walmart, to further their vision for sustainable fashion. Consumers can browse secondhand products on and enjoy standard free shipping for orders above $35. 

Earlier this year, ThredUp announced its acquisition of European secondhand apparel resale company Remix Global AD for $28.5 million. This acquisition will help to accelerate ThredUp’s European expansion with Remix’s CEO, Lyubomir Klenov, leading it under ThredUp’s umbrella.  

ThredUp Top 5 Sustainable Brands to Shop From

(Image source: ThredUp)

“We’re bullish about the massive opportunity in the European resale market and are thrilled about the chance to build on Remix’s technology and operational expertise to help accelerate its growth.” – James Reinhart, CEO and Co-Founder of ThredUp.

MILK Makeup

The New York City-based makeup brand is known for its sustainable makeup products – cruelty-free, paraben-free, and 100% vegan. MILK has a wide range of beauty products that are eco-friendly, reusable, and refillable.

MILK Makeup Top 5 Sustainable Brands to Shop From

(Image source: MILK Makeup)

One of their sustainable products is their Sunshine Skin Tint Clean SPF 30 Foundation Stick which is refillable. Not only does this refillable packaging extend the product’s shelf life, but it also maximizes the use of its packaging. MILK Makeup claims that this cuts down plastic waste by 66%


Loop is a platform that allows brands to sell their products in reusable packaging. Consumers can choose which brands to shop from under and receive their products in reusable packaging. Brands like Nestle, Unilever, Pepsi, and The Body Shop are some of Loop’s brand partners.

Loop Top 5 Sustainable Brands to Shop From

(Image source: Loop)

Apart from designing packaging that is reusable for brands, they created the “Loop Tote” that is made so that it can be cleaned and reused for deliveries, as well as a reusable bubble wrap named “The End to Single-Use Bubble Wrap”

“We envision the future of how we consume as a place where we can buy higher quality, better-designed products that we can “throw away” when they are finished with no cleaning, no sorting, and no hassle. In our vision, instead of that bin being a waste or recycling bin it’s a reuse bin, where everything is cleaned, refilled and is reused again and again.”

– Loop US


Rebag is a platform for customers to resell, exchange, and buy designer handbags and accessories. Founded seven years ago, the company has redefined the luxury-resale market – customers can sell their pre-loved luxury goods through Rebag, or exchange them for another luxury item with another individual. 

“I started Rebag to create a sustainable life cycle for these goods, empower consumers, and reinvent the perception of pre-owned luxury.” – Charles Gorra, CEO and Founder of Rebag said in an interview with Forbes. The company recently opened a brick-and-mortar store with a  “Clair Corner” for customers to get an instant price quote of the item they are looking to sell using Clair, proprietary software developed by Rebag.

Rebag Top 5 Sustainable Brands to Shop From

(Image source: Rebag)

Is sustainability the way forward?

We conducted a survey to find out what our community thinks about who is responsible for driving sustainability. Interestingly, 45% of respondents shared that consumers are responsible for driving sustainability. 

With the rise of sustainable brands and eco-friendly consumers driving this sustainability movement in retail, what will the future of retail look like? Will consumers follow through and make more eco-conscious purchasing decisions, paving the way toward a sustainable future? 

If you would like to know more about how brands are building a sustainable future, join us in our live webinarSustainability: No Longer an Option, but a Necessity on 9th September 2021, with leaders and experts in the sustainability industry. 

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