Alcott Global Podcast: Romain Moulin CEO Of Exotec

Nov 11, 2021

In an episode of Leaders in Tech & E-commerce Podcast, Rushit Shah, Regional Director – Asia Pacific of Alcott Global interviewed Romain Moulin, Chief Executive Officer of Exotec

Listen to the full episode here

Key highlights of this episode:

  • Why Romain chose startup

  • How Exotec’s solutions are helping their clients

  • Robotic Systems in Manufacturing and Warehouses

  • Partnerships and hiring talents

  • Managing the system’s security and protecting clients

In this episode, Romain shared his journey and why he chose startup. Currently, the CEO of Exotec, Romain talked about how they are solving some of the biggest problems in the industry, specifically on the manufacturing side with the help of robotics. One of their very first products is based on a fleet of robots that are particularly able to claim the shelving up to 12 meters and moving all-around storage with the speed of 400 lines per hour. Aside from that, he also shared how they are protecting their systems and their clients.  In addition, Romain also shared what skills they are looking for in people joining their company and how having a connection to the market is an advantage. 

About Romain Moulin

Romain Moulin is the CEO of Exotec, a company he co-founded with Renaud Heitz in 2015. As a former robotics architect and technical engineer at GE and BA Système, Romain spent 10+ years immersed in deep technology systems before he shifted his attention to solving the challenge of retail warehouse automation. He was born and raised in France and graduated from a top French engineering university, SUPAERO.

About Leaders in Tech & E-commerce Podcast

Leaders in Tech and E-commerce Podcast brings together some of the best entrepreneurs, experts, and executives in the supply chain tech and e-commerce space to share their perspectives on the current trends, their stories about success and failure, and how they attract and recruit talent. The host, Rushit Shah is the Regional Director – Asia Pacific of Alcott Global. Rushit comes with 20 years of Executive Search and Selection with 8 years of Supply Chain Consulting service within APAC. Have worked for more than 40 countries with diversified industries and functionality.

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