Future of Last-Mile

State of E-Commerce in Canada 2022 - 1392x783

State of E-Commerce in Canada 2022

From examining first-time delivery success rates to analyzing dwell times of parcels in collection points, gain insights into Canada's evolving e-commerce landscape in this report.

May 23, 2023

Top Innovations Reshaping Last-Mile Delivery - 1392x783

Top Innovations Reshaping Last-Mile Delivery

Explore the top innovations that are reshaping last-mile delivery and how they are improving efficiency and customer satisfaction. Learn about micro hubs, electric vehicles, hybrid fleet management systems and more.

May 22, 2023

The Rise of Automation in Logistics: Drones, Robots & Self-Driving Vehicles - 1392x783

The Rise of Automation in Logistics: Drones, Robots & Self-Driving Vehicles

Explore the transformative impact of automation technologies, such as drones, robots, and self-driving vehicles, on the logistics industry. Discover how these innovations are reshaping supply chain operations, optimizing efficiency, and revolutionizing the future of logistics.

May 19, 2023

Yodel Launches Package Lockers Trial in Northern Ireland - 1392x783

Yodel Launches Package Lockers Trial in Northern Ireland

PayPoint Group's Collect+ and OOHPod are working together to launch parcel lockers for Yodel Click & Collect customers in Northern Ireland.

May 18, 2023

DHL Expands CFS Space in Bangladesh to Support Growing Trade Demands - 1392x783

DHL Expands CFS Space in Bangladesh to Support Growing Trade Demands

The expansion of the DHL Global Forwarding dedicated CFS facilities will help meet the growing demand for Bangladesh’s readymade garments around the world.

May 17, 2023

Top Logistics & Supply Chain Tech Startups in the United States - 1392x783

Top Logistics & Supply Chain Tech Startups in the United States

Learn about these top US-based logistics and supply chain startups that you should watch in 2023: ​​Convoy, Flexport, GreyOrange, Loadsmart, Locus Robotics, Nuro, Project44, Stord, Transfix and Zipline.

May 16, 2023

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Future of Last-Mile Supply Chain and Logistics

Last-Mile Logistics Explained

What is last-mile delivery? In a product’s journey from warehouse shelf, to the truck’s back, to a customer’s doorstep, the last leg of logistics is also known as last mile delivery. This process includes transporting the final product from the warehouse to the customer’s front door. This final stage of the delivery process is crucial and should be adequately managed to ensure timely delivery to the consumer. Because of rising consumer demand, businesses are investing more in optimizing l this crucial stage to ensure a timely and efficient distribution of goods. Whether it is a personal dwelling or a retail business, the end destination of the supply chain should be reached as soon as possible to ensure customer satisfaction. The last mile logistics is also the most costly portion of the route from the transportation hub to the end destination, hence resource optimization should be a priority.

Top Trends in Last-Mile Delivery

With the increase in popularity in last mile delivery solutions and the fact that retailers are offering more delivery options, find out more about the top trends in last mile delivery that you should look out for – whether you’re a consumer or a business. Some of the top trends include rapid last-mile fulfillment, urban warehousing, and in-sourcing deliveries. These last mile innovations aim to decrease last mile logistics costs and improve profit margins. In fact, nowadays, more and more stores are experimenting with robotics, drones, and self-driving vehicles as last mile delivery methods and solutions..

Future of Last-Mile Delivery for Retailers

While house deliveries seem to be the dominating e-commerce delivery method today, out-of-home delivery options have been growing in popularity in recent years. This is especially given the ever-changing circumstances surrounding the worldwide pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic has made contactless deliveries the new standard. With social distance and minimal physical touch becoming the new normal, businesses will need to continue to discover ways to safeguard the safety of both delivery employees and consumers. Furthermore, parcel lockers have also become an important component of the future of last mile delivery. With parcel lockers, there is no need for delivery drivers and consumers to come into direct contact because the carrier only has to put the packages in parcel lockers.

Keeping Last-Mile Delivery Sustainable

In an era where consumers are growing more environmentally-conscious, merchants and logistics companies must ensure sustainable last mile delivery more than ever. Many logistics firms are trying to replace diesel-powered delivery cars with electric ones. For instance, DPD Group has set aside 200 million euros to decarbonize, optimize their overall operation, and reduce carbon emissions. It is also important to consider sustainability in reverse logistics. While the returns procedure is not sustainable in and of itself because there will be more packing waste, logistics providers should still implement a more sustainable approach to reduce the environmental impact. An example could be to complete return orders using delivery trucks that are already on their way to the same location.