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Emerging Tech in E-Commerce & Retail

Retail technology improves operations

With the increased competition in the e-commerce industry, there is a greater pressure on firms to invest in technology and stay on top of the current trends in e-commerce technology. Retail technology refers to the digital tools and innovations utilized by retailers to manage their supply chain operations. Many retailers have reported the great benefits of technology in e-commerce. Such tools not only help retailers manage capacity, but also improve customer experience and increase production with tech.

Emerging technologies in e-commerce

The pandemic-induced e-commerce boom has forced businesses to review their offerings and adopt emerging technologies in e-commerce.. New technologies for the retail industry include the deployment of chatbots, personalized shopping experience with artificial intelligence and virtual reality-based shopping.

Social commerce drives e-commerce

Social commerce is the convergence of social media and e-commerce, where social media platforms become a marketplace for retailers to sell products and services. This is an emerging trend in retail that has gained momentum in many countries over the course of the pandemic. Firms have begun to develop modern retail technology tools and platforms to make social commerce accessible for both businesses and customers. One of them is Meesho, an e-commerce startup that is reinventing the social commerce space with the launch of its fully integrated e-commerce software in the form of a mobile app.

E-commerce technology trends

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated e-commerce growth years into the future, which in turn fueled the development of new technologies for the retail industry. It is imperative for brands to invest in technology and stay on top of the latest e-commerce technology trends if they are to remain competitive in the ever-changing retail landscape. Some of the emerging technologies in retail include mobile wallets, product customization, augmented and virtual reality. There are plenty of benefits of technology in e-commerce, such as improved retail operations, greater customer retention and improved customer experience.