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E-Commerce Logistics Trends

Sustainability in E-Commerce Logistics Is Now a Necessity

Sustainability is one of the top e-commerce logistics trends, particularly with the disastrous effects of climate change becoming much more visible all around the world.Apart from environmental benefits, improving sustainability in e-commerce logistics can also benefit businesses in the long run by ensuring scalability and even increasing profit margins.

Understanding E-Commerce Logistics Through Data

What is e-commerce logistics? Learn about everything you should know about e-commerce logistics with Parcel Monitor’s data studies. For example, find out what are the fastest growing e-commerce logistics markets and e-commerce delivery performances around the world with Parcel Monitor. At the height of the pandemic, many countries in Europe’s e-commerce logistics performance were impacted by COVID-19. Discover which country in Southeast Asia performed better in terms of shipping times and delivery success rates and the impact of COVID on e-commerce logistics.

Using AI & ML to Improve E-Commerce Logistics Operations

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have a huge potential to improve operational efficiencies and open new opportunities for growth. AI & ML’s role in e-commerce logistics are especially critical for businesses today. Using artificial intelligence in e-commerce logistics involves employing computers capable of performing activities that require human intelligence. Machine learning relates to a computer’s ability to learn from input without being explicitly programmed. One of the key benefits of using artificial intelligence in e-commerce logistics is to increase delivery efficiency. AI & ML tools can analyze previous user behavior data, learn from it, and then help businesses optimize existing processes. Last but not least, by utilizing AI and ML, businesses can free up their staff’ time to focus on more sophisticated, cognitively demanding initiatives.

The Cross-Border E-Commerce Logistics Market Is Growing Faster Than Ever

Finally, one of the top e-commerce logistics trends is the growing cross-border market around the world. According to latest reports, China is leading the cross-border e-commerce logistics market, with 35% of respondents globally having purchased from there. The United States comes in second with 14%, followed by Germany and the United Kingdom with 12% and 8%, respectively, forming the ‘Big 4’ e-commerce markets. According to data studies in e-commerce logistics, Amazon is the world’s largest e-retailer, accounting for 26% of current cross-border sales. As an effect of COVID and Brexit, domestic e-commerce seems to be growing faster than cross-border e-commerce.