The Importance of Carrier D...


The Importance of Carrier Diversification in Last-Mile Delivery

dateOct 06, 2022
time9:00 am - 9:30 am UTC-05:00

Delivery has inevitably become a clear indicator of retailer competence, often defining the brand value as much as any other part of the customer engagement process. In line with the ever-growing customer expectations, many brands are relying on multi-carrier strategies to reduce the risk of missed deliveries and potential delays.

Join Timur Eligulashvili, Founder and President of Logistics Remix as he shares his insights into the importance of carrier diversification in last-mile delivery.

Timur brings with him 20 years of experience in logistics and has a unique perspective being on all sides of the table as a shipper, carrier, 3PL and tech provider. His previous experience includes Lone Star Overnight, ShippingEasy, uShip, Echo Global Logistics, CH Robinson and Honda Logistics.

This session is moderated by Jiamin Han, Community Lead at Parcel Monitor, the leading e-commerce logistics community.

Missed this event? Not to worry, our team has done up an article summarizing our key takeaways from the event. Read on to find out more!
Questions answered in the interview include:

  1. (3:26 - 5:10) How has the last-mile logistics scene evolved over the years?

  2. (5:40 - 8:17) What are some of the highs and lows that you have witnessed throughout your career?

  3. (9:02 - 11:13) What exactly is “carrier diversification”?

  4. (11:20 - 13:14) Why do you think retailers should adopt a carrier diversification strategy?

  5. (13:53 - 17:11) How should firms choose their carriers? Please share some tips!

  6. (17:22 - 19:55) Is there ever a "right time" to onboard new carriers? Is the onboarding process as scary as it seems?

  7. (22:44 - 25:09) How can firms ensure a good partnership with their different carriers and address issues quickly?

  8. (27:08 - 29:20) Do you have any advice for both carriers and e-commerce retailers ahead of the upcoming peak shopping season?

  9. (29:33 - 32:13) What is the next big thing in last-mile logistics? What are some trends that will emerge in the near future?

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