Making Sense of Blockchain ...


Making Sense of Blockchain in Logistics

dateMar 28, 2022
time12:00 am - 12:00 am UTC+08:00

Blockchain has been and still is one of the hottest topics in recent years, however, many professionals are still trying to make sense of it. While a lot of excitement surrounds the technology, it can be challenging to identify whether the technology can deliver real value for organizations. What exactly is blockchain technology, and what are its real and practical implications for supply chain leaders?

In our latest Unpacking E-Commerce Logistics series, we sat down with Wolfgang Lehmacher to unpack blockchain in logistics. Wolfgang is a global thought leader and practitioner in supply chain and logistics with decades of experience in the logistics space, having worked as the Head of Supply Chain and Transport Industries for the World Economic Forum, large logistics organizations such as La Poste and TNT and has even written about disruptive logistics technologies.

Missed this event? Not to worry, our team has done up an article summarizing our key takeaways from the event. Read on to find out more!

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