Parcel Delivery Price Hikes...


Parcel Delivery Price Hikes: How Carriers & Retailers Should Respond

dateFeb 09, 2022
time10:30 am - 11:05 am UTC+02:00

Shipping costs are rising at a faster pace than they have in nearly a decade, affecting retailers and e-commerce businesses to increase prices or find ways to offset the higher costs. FedEx for one, announced how they will increase their rates by an average of 5.9% across most services this year, moving away from the usual 4.9% increase. This signifies how carriers now have the pricing power and is also a sign of inflation across the global supply chain.

With this situation in place, how can carriers position themselves in front of retailers? How should retailers respond while still maintaining customer demands for low prices?

Join this fireside chat with our E-commerce Delivery Expert, Nate Skiver, who will be sharing his insights with the Parcel Monitor Community. Nate has over 17 years of experience in building parcel programs for big retailers such as Gap, Stella & Dot, and Abercrombie & Fitch. The session will be moderated by Vishnu Rajamanickam, Logistics Journalist.

Missed this event? Not to worry, our team has done up an article summarizing our key takeaways from the event. Read on to find out more!

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