Retail Dive: Walmart Connects Brands With Shoppers via AR and Shoppable Contents

Walmart Connects Brands With Shoppers via AR and Shoppable Contents

(Image source: Retail Dive)

Retail giant Walmart continues its collaboration with various social media platforms to develop shoppable contents. Back in December 2020, the retailer worked with TikTok to host a shoppable livestream concert that was a huge hit. The event gained seven times as many views as expected and helped increase the number of followers by 25%. 

In its latest announcement, Walmart shared about its upcoming campaign “Joy.Fully” in partnership with Facebook. Owing to Augmented Reality (AR) technology, customers can now use their facial expressions to identify products that bring them joy. As part of the same campaign, Walmart also released the first series of shoppable recipes on Pinterest. The initiative enables users to add whatever ingredients they need to their Walmart cart with ease.

Lastly, Walmart wishes to ramp up its efforts in introducing products through “content-to-commerce” means. For instance, it plans to continue utilising its media business, Walmart Connect to increase its reach of consumers: 

“With our newly expanded capabilities, partnerships, supplier integrations and customer activations, we’re excited to unlock an even wider range of omnichannel touch points this holiday to connect brands with customers through innovative technologies and inspiring social content,” says Kara Rousseau, Vice President of marketing at Walmart Connect.

Source: Walmart to use AR, shoppable content to connect brands with consumers


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