Supply Chain Dive: Amazon Implements Anti-Collision Paths for Robots

(Image source: Amazon)

Amazon, together with the University of Southern California, have been studying a new route planning method for robots used in warehouses.

This new model is designed to minimize collision and increase average number of locations visited in a given time period. Ultimately, this new robotic route aims to increase efficiency in sorting centers for items to be moved around the warehouse effectively.

The current MAPF (Multi-Agent Path Finding) approach, commonly used in robotics, includes replanning paths once the given time period is over or when an agent sets a new goal location. However, this technique takes up a lot of computing effort, which has inspired researches to look into possible alternatives.

This is just one of the many ways emerging technology such as robotics can be used to streamline traditional processes in logistics operations. With innovation, businesses can look forward to even greater productivity gains and customers can enjoy a transformed experience altogether.

Click on the link below to find out more on this study and the methodology used:

Source: Amazon studies anti-collision method for robots to increase throughput




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