Retailbiz: Australian Online Retailers Lead Fastest Growing Digital Brands

With the pandemic and social restrictions, Australian brands have shifted to focus more on online commerce, encouraging the most traditional businesses to go online. Unable to conduct outdoor activities due to the pandemic, consumers turn to Home and Gardening as a replacement. It is the fastest-growing category for the retail industry in Australia, followed by Health and Beauty, General Retail, Apparel, and Consumer Electronics.

Home and Garden

Home gardening and home office upgrades are the most popular choice of projects for consumers that had to spend more time at home. Online furniture retailer saw the fastest growth of 1225%. Regarding gardening and lawn care, grew the fastest (931%).

Health and Beauty

DIY self-care options were the popular choice during the lockdown. Korean beauty tips and products are much preferred by Australians. and are among websites dedicated to Korean beauty products whose traffic increased significantly. 

General Retail

General Retail follows closely behind the Health and Beauty sector in growth rate, mainly driven by toy stores. grew the fastest (318%),, and also made it to the top 10. In terms of overall traffic, is the champion with a growth rate of 185% and 45 million visitors in 2020. 


Apparel brands that were able to leverage influential marketing campaigns witnessed the highest growth in 2020. Youandall grew by 5042%, Athlesuire also saw a surge in traffic with sportspowergeelong (1675%) and Queensland’s LSKD (1093%).

Consumer Electronics

Manscaped – male personal trimmer led the race in the sector with 1376% growth in 2020. Sony and Centrecom are among the electronic retailers that saw the fastest growth during the pandemic with the rate of  339% and 163% respectively.


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