Exciting times, dear Parcel Perform followers:
We are very proud to announce that the Parcel Monitor service was fully launched this month.

With Parcel Monitor, we offer you a single website with a simple, unified interface to track all your parcels globally and in multiple languages.
Next parcel you ordered online, you don’t have to search all over the web at complicated carrier websites that don’t really help you understand where exactly your parcel is.
You just use us! We support more than 700 carriers worldwide, will continue to add additional language translations & try to provide you with a really easy to understand status overview.

You can also sign up with your email address and receive regular alerts, whenever your parcel made a leap into the next phase towards its final delivery.

Let Parcel Monitor keep you informed about your delivery on every step of its way!

Don’t hold back – check your latest parcel updates today!
Simple & easy under http://parcelmonitor.com!

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