Following our Dashboard update to start the new year, we’ve got an amazing four new platform upgrades to transform how you manage your e-commerce logistics!

Our Parcel Statuses have gotten some new additions for more specific insights on your parcel delivery status, including returns. We’ve included an Issue Status indicator in your Parcel Overview to identify parcel with issues, plus a new intuitive structure for our parcel filters. Finally, administrators can now generate parcel reports by a click of a button for quick analysis.

With these updates, customer service teams can simplify their workflows to resolve customer inquiries or do a more in-depth analysis of parcels across different dimensions – all within a few clicks. Likewise, logistics managers have more data dimensions to generate insightful logistics reports.

Excited? We sure are.

In this article, we’ll show you what we have in store for you and how you can use these powerful new upgrades to grow your business.

New Parcel Statuses for more detailed insights on your deliveries

Introducing new Parcel Status indicators; Expired, Inactive and Return for more profound insights on your deliveries!

In addition to our existing parcel status like Pending, Active, Delivered and Issue…. we have added a few new powerful ones – see all of them in the screenshot above.

Here’s what they mean:

Expired: Pending parcels without any new tracking updates from your carrier for the last 10 days. Check with your carrier for updates. If you don’t see recent updates from your carrier in your Parcel Perform account, please contact our support team for help.

Inactive: Parcels that aren’t delivered yet, but aren’t updated for the past 14 days are classified as Inactive. Investigate these with your carriers.

Return: These are parcels that either have been returned or are being returned to the sender.

A whole new, powerful view on Issue parcels

We’ve expanded our Issue parcel status to be more valuable to you!

We understand that parcel issues need quick resolution. Whether it’s a hold up at customs during cross-border shipments or external delays, delivery issues happen.

However, you can turn these situations around.

To help you identify and prioritize issue parcels for close monitoring, your Parcel Overview now has a new Issue Status column. The indicator turns red when a parcel is having an issue right now and grey when a parcel has had an issue before but is now resolved.

If you handle logistics reporting, segregate issue parcels for this month to bring to your logistics carrier’s attention. Use this with our Tags feature to classify your shipments or add related information!

Our users can now also filter search results by Issue Status – looking at current or past occurrences – and get an in-depth look at all exact Issue Type, all within the parcel overview.

Understanding the challenges your customers and carriers are facing is now much easier to spot. Here are some common scenarios you can now easily view and assess:

  • A delivery is held up at customs during a cross-border shipment.
  • Your carrier previously lost a shipment and has since taken steps to replace the items delivered. Monitor this shipment to ensure there are no further problems.
  • A recipient has rejected the shipment or is not at home to collect the delivery.

More prominent parcel filters within Parcel Overview and Analytics for more intuitive, detailed data analysis

Search filters are now more prominent above the search bar. We’ve also re-arranged elements for an even more intuitive search experience.

To the right, you’ll see the number of parcels found in a search. Easily identify parcels you want to analyze with our powerful filters for your data analysis needs.

You’ll now see the filters applied to your search results in the Search bar. To change these filters, click on Change Filters to the right and you’ll be able to access all our filters! Apply as many as you want to customize search results to your liking.

What’s more, you can now reset the applied filters after performing a search with a single click. Save yourself some valuable time when getting the parcel data you need for your reporting or customer follow up.

Get your latest parcel data export with a single click in Parcel Overview

Account administrators of GOLD accounts, you can now export your latest parcel data from the Parcel Overview! This might be the most powerful feature for everyone to easily manage and share their logistics report with your team or external stakeholders.

Here is how it works:

  1. Click on the gear icon in Parcel Overview. We’ve added a button to generate your new parcel report in the dropdown menu.
  2. A report will be generated, including the last 10,000 parcels in your Parcel Overview after applying search filters or table sorting.
  3. Click Confirm to start generating the report. Once done, you’ll get an email allowing you to download the report in CSV forma

We’ll process one report request at a time for you to get your latest parcel insights easily.

Our Parcel Overview got a powerful makeover – be the first one to check it out!

To recap, you can now:

  • Gain specific insights on your parcels with our new parcel statuses
  • Segment and identify parcels by issue status and type
  • Filter parcels easily with our more prominent filters (and across more dimensions)
  • Extract your parcel reports on your own

We’re sure you’ll find these enhancements useful to get meaningful insights on your logistics data and empower your customer service teams.

Questions about these new upgrades? Our team is on standby to help you out! Reach us anytime.