We continue our Behind The Scenes featuring the team members of Parcel Perform here on our blog! Today, we have Claire, our HR Manager in our Singapore office to share more about her background and how HR supports a company’s growth with hiring the right people and spearheading employee engagement initiatives. If you’ve applied for a role with us recently, you would have met her!

Tell us, who is Claire?

Claire is an ambivert, who likes to meet up with people over meals but at the same time likes to recharge and enjoy a cup of coffee alone. I used to play competitive sports in school like netball and still enjoy the occasional badminton, bowling, pilates, and outdoor activities.

What drew you to the world of Human Resources?

I was deciding what I would like to do as my career in the early days and thought of HR because it’s about “looking after the welfare of the employees”. I truly enjoy doing just that and I’ve never looked back.

What attracted you to work at Parcel Perform?

I love the diversity of the people in Parcel Perform which makes work more interesting and more creative. I’ve also always been interested in the e-commerce and technology space, and I see Parcel Perform as a place with lots of learning opportunities in this area.

Tell us about a day in the life at Parcel Perform.

A day in the life of Parcel Perform kicks off with a daily stand-up where everyone shares what they’ll do for the day across all functions and responsibilities. Then I’ll have my coffee, check emails and start working on my tasks.

As the team is growing rapidly, I’m now busy shortlisting and interviewing candidates for a few open roles. Besides having the right skills and technical knowledge for the job, we are looking for people with a go-getter attitude and an entrepreneurial mindset who will support the next phase of growth for Parcel Perform.

As an ongoing task, I’m also working on policies, processes and engagement initiatives to ensure we are a great company to work for

In your opinion, how does Human Resources play a role in Parcel Perform?

The right people and the right culture will propel the company forward. We are now in our next phase of growth – Parcel Perform is expanding globally and further innovating our product,  so it is crucial that we find the right people who can support us and grow with us.

HR is an enabler by finding the best person for the job and also build the right environment and culture to allow people to thrive.

How does this differ from your previous experiences?

In my past experiences in larger companies, there was definitely lesser interactions and collaboration across different departments on a daily basis. Here, everyone interacts across departments on a daily basis and that is important since we are working in a very fast-paced environment and we need to be sure that we are all aligned towards the same goal.

Share a funny anecdote from your time here?

I heard someone mentioning that he wore a suit on the first day of work… that’s funny since we don’t usually wear suits – they’re too stiff for us!

If you have a superpower, what would it be?

I would teleport to different places on this earth without having to spend so much time traveling.

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