Our team at Parcel Perform is ramping up for several eventful months ahead!

Before heading to Berlin for the K5 Conference and Chicago for IRCE, we kick off May in Asia with LogiSYM Singapore – one of the largest supply chain and logistics-focused conferences where we’ll be speaking and exhibiting at!

Digitalising the supply chain will be a prime focus for 2019

“Supply Chain 4.0 – the application of the Internet of Things, the use of advanced robotics, and the application of advanced analytics of big data in supply chain management: place sensors in everything create networks everywhere, automate anything, and analyze everything to significantly improve performance and customer satisfaction” – McKinsey

Retailers can no longer ignore the rise of omnichannel retail. Likewise, supply chains must also rise to the growing trend of digital transformation with the rise of innovation and technology.

What used to be isolated, siloed steps going through a strict process is now progressing into an integrated ecosystem that’s transparent to all players. We foresee that getting visibility across shipments and interpreting large quantities of data across large and complex supply chain networks will only grow in priority for the logistics industry fuelled by e-commerce and the new demands of consumers.

Today’s consumers place higher importance on the fulfillment experience. Along with emerging technologies like A.I., machine learning and robotics, the logistics industry’s next challenge will be to skillfully adapt to these developments to stay competitive.

Some other topics also discussed in detail during the conference include:

  • The impact of global trade policies on supply chains and business strategies
  • The environmental impact of e-commerce packaging
  • Supply chain, the customer experience and last mile fulfillment.

Join Parcel Perform at LogiSYM 2019!

As one of the largest gatherings of supply chain and logistics professionals in the region, come meet our team members Cheryl, Joshua, and Dennis at the conference. Look out for one of us in our bright blue T-shirts over the 2 days!

On top of that, our founder Dana will also be speaking and sharing her experience on the power of logistics data for both supply chains and retailers. Come learn more about this topic during her talk on Day 2 at 9.30am! She will also be participating in various speaker panels throughout the conference.

We can’t wait to see you there! Get your tickets here.

About LogiSYM 2019

The region’s premier Supply Chain Symposium and Summit, LogiSYM events focus on bridging concepts, practice, and technology in supply chain management. Events are currently in Singapore, Malaysia, and Dubai.

Date: 14-15 May 2019

Venue: NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House, Singapore

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