Last night was the start of Shopify’s biggest global conference to date for partners and developers, Shopify Unite 2018.

We were glued to their live stream keynote, excited to hear about their latest views on the future of retail as well as the upcoming product features to help you, our customers, grow. You might not have had the chance to catch it, but we are here to give you a glance at all the important updates.

At (Shopify) Unite 2018, our partners and developers come together to celebrate shared accomplishments, forge new connections, and ignite the future of commerce technology.

Source: Shopify Unite

This event is BIG.

At this year’s Shopify Unite, Shopify unveiled several key initiatives and technological innovations that will revolutionise the way you do business online on their platform. With a focus on helping merchants go global, this year’s focus is on navigating the challenges and complexities of international expansion.

Key measures involved a tighter integration of the Shopify app ecosystem, measures to seamlessly and securely transition merchants to the global stage and assistance for merchants to better manage crucial tasks like marketing, multi-currency transactions and finding suitable apps for your store.

1. Integrated Marketing Platform Within Shopify

This summer, Shopify users can access a brand new marketing section within their Shopify store. With this addition, you can easily create digital marketing campaigns to promote your products and grow your business.

No need to have all your favourite marketing apps open within one browser.  You can now create and run marketing campaigns with your favourite marketing apps.

2. Introduction Of Shopify Ping Platform

Shopify is launching Shopify Ping, a new platform to centralise all your business and conversations with customers and even your internal teams.

With Ping, you can easily reference and reply to all your customers within a single mobile app. It pulls from the messaging apps you already use so you can spend less time switching between messaging apps and more time talking to your customers.

Ping now supports Facebook Messenger, Chatkit, and, with more integrations on the way.

Even better, you can use Shopify’s inbuilt digital marketing virtual assistant, Kit to suggest and automate your marketing efforts, all within the app.

3. Shopify App Store Redesign

Shopify App providers rejoice! The Shopify App Store will undergo a major redesign.

You can now categorise your app under multiple sub-categories, allowing you to be more specific with how your app is categorised and marketed. Shopify has also updated their recommendation algorithms to improve how their system recommends apps to new merchants.

The front-end display of the App Store will also be given a facelift. Watch our for our Parcel Perform app, we will be updating it shortly too.

Shopify is introducing a new way to show structured tier pricing and you can also preview app listings before publication.

4. Launch Of New Shopify Services Marketplace

And while the goal has always been to bring merchants and partners together, research shows that Shopify merchants continue to struggle finding the help they need, while Shopify Partners still find building a client base challenging.


With the Shopify Services Marketplace, Shopify merchants can find, hire and transact with vetted Shopify Partners.  It will be a job-centric hub where merchants can request for help with anything related to their Shopify store. Shopify Partners can then connect with merchants who seek your skills.

This will be a win-win situation for both Shopify merchants looking for services and Shopify partners looking to reach out to more customers.

5. Introduction Of 1-Click Checkout

With Shopify’s Dynamic Checkout, your customers can now check out directly from a product page using their preferred payment method.

This allows customers to skip the traditional ‘add to cart’ checkout process and check out without leaving the product page.

Today, you can ask for the sale immediately and completely avoid the traditional checkout flow.

6. You Can Now Make Payment In Multiple Currencies

To help merchants sell internationally, multi-currency functionalities are coming to Shopify Payment.

Merchants can offer customer-friendly international storefronts and checkout experiences. You can also show your customers local currency prices based on current foreign exchange rates based on their geographical location.

7. Shopify’s Admin Panel Is Also Available In Multiple Languages

Shopify has always been catered towards an English-speaking audience.

But that is going to change soon.

They’ve just launched a beta programme that will offer native language capabilities for merchants in German, Japanese, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Italian for the Shopify admin panel and mobile app.

8. Fraud Protection For Shopify Payments

Part of the risk of global expansion is handling fraud payments. You spend time on preventing them and they affect your profit margins.

It’s frustrating and wastes valuable time you can spend on growing your business.

To combat this, Shopify is introducing Fraud Protect for Shopify Payments to automatically protect your orders against fraudulent charges and mitigate the risk of moving into new markets.

9. Save Time Managing Apps With Shopify Flow

As a merchant, you use multiple apps and technologies to optimise your webstore.

You can now take this to the next level with Shopify Flow – an automation platform to connect apps you use every day. Simplify app management and find new ways for your apps to work together.

10. Enhancements To Deliver An Omnichannel Customer Experience

As we’ve mentioned before, the lines are now increasingly blurred between the physical and online storefronts.

Shopify has not left the offline retail experience untouched, announcing several solutions and tools to enhance the Shopify POS system and in-store experience. They’ve also waived the extra fee for the POS retail package and it now costs 79 USD for the entire package going forward.

  • Shopify Tap & Chip Reader: This is a contactless reader that enables you to run your business from any device. It also offers a secure (PCI-compliant) experiences that syncs with your store
  • Tipping Services: For shops using the Shopify POS system, Customers can now tip your shop’s staff to reward them for outstanding service.
  • Returns and Exchanges: Offer exchanges and refunds to your customers regardless of where they purchased their products. You can also take control of the post-purchase relationship with your customers and upsell existing customers when needed.

In Conclusion

At this year’s Shopify Unite, we were amazed at the amount of forward-thinking and innovation on display!

The introduction of so many new features to consolidate app processes, enhance merchant’s marketing experiences and to help merchants enter international markets is astounding, to say the least.

In this year’s Unite, Shopify has introduced new features to take care of the new merchant just starting out to the seasoned eCommerce merchant who is looking to speed up their work processes.

Most of these app enhancements are only coming in summer 2018, so we’re going to be waiting with bated breath!

Want to get started with building a webshop on Shopify? Get started with Shopify here. If you’re already on Shopify, check out our free Shopify app to track your parcels across 580+ carriers and translatable into 30 different languages.