Following our recent Dashboard revamp, we’ve got another great update for you in store. Our revamped Parcel Perform Integrations page now houses all the methods we have available to add and retrieve tracking data from our platform! In this article, we’ll introduce our updated integrations page and explain all the different integrations available to you to get started with us!

Welcome our updated, comprehensive Integrations page

Our existing users might know this already – integrating with Parcel Perform couldn’t be easier and we have endless options to get connected in store. Our newly revamped Integrations page now houses all standard integration options and provides you with full visibility and all documentation to get started with us.

Here you can see all our powerful 6 integration options:

  • Everyone’s favorite (1) BCC integration, seamlessly pulling all data into our system by simply adding Parcel Perform to BCC on your customer emails
  • Our one-click integration for all (2) Shopify customers
  • The easy to use, yet powerful (3) CSV upload, that can also be connected to a (4) SFTP file drop to automate the process
  • And of course our (5) API and (6) Webhooks – automatically pulling all data into the system for you to get real-time updates on your parcel data.

1. BCC Email

Automatically upload parcels through a BCC email address.

One of our quickest and easiest integrations to set up; just add our system email address in your customer emails and we’ll do the parcel upload work for you. BCC emails are best used if you readily share order confirmation emails and tracking IDs with your customers and you don’t want to worry about complex technical processes.

There are two ways to use the BCC email method:

  • Append your parcel information to generate a unique sender email address
  • Use our email tracking widget to obtain tracking information straight from your shipping confirmation emails

More information on how to generate your email address and use the BCC integration method is found in this blog post:

2. Shopify App

Selling on Shopify? Download our Shopify app to sync your parcel data with your Parcel Perform account every 15 minutes.

We have a Shopify app available to all Shopify merchants, which you can set up in minutes.

Go to our Shopify integrations page and enter your shop’s URL to pull out all your parcel data. Data is synced every 15 minutes; ensuring all your parcel details between your Parcel Perform account and Shopify store is always updated.

Bonus tip: You can even connect multiple Shopify stores to a single Parcel Perform account! More information here.

3. CSV Upload

Classic drag-and-drop file upload

Do you prefer to upload your data files periodically or you simply want to get started to test our service? We’ve got you covered with our simple, yet powerful CSV upload function. Once you’ve configured your carrier references, simply add all your parcel IDs into a CSV file and upload it directly into our system.

Refer to this blog post if you need more help on how to use the CSV upload integration.


An easy access point to upload parcels and retrieve reports.

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is now an official Parcel Perform integration and can be accessed from the Integrations page! Leverage our existing CSV templates or use your own and simply drop them in the SFTP folder to automatically add and retrieve all your data.  

Getting started is simple, but requires support from our side to set up the location for you. Simply inquire with our customer support team on Intercom or click the Contact Us button on the Integrations page to get this powerful SFTP folder set up for you!

5. API Gateway

Connect directly to our system through our robust API

For full flexibility over the parcel data uploaded to our platform, use our API to connect your systems directly. Start by obtaining your API credentials from our platform. You will need your unique Client ID and Client Secret to generate an access token to our API gateway.

Need more help on how to use our API? Reach out to our team for more information!

6. Webhooks

Webhooks are now listed in the Integrations page as well because we know how much you love them! With our webhooks, you can receive tracking updates on your shipments directly. You’ll get to store and access all data from your website.

The best part? We took the opportunity to make a few enhancements to our webhook configurations based on your feedback. Next to choosing a specific event-based trigger when you desire to get an update on your webhooks, you now also have the option to Select All webhook triggers during setup.

Selecting this option ensures you’ll get all tracking updates associated with your parcel with one click!

Of course, we’ve also fine-tuned our webhook logic to send out only 1 webhook at a time, indicating the multiple parcel update triggers it might be linked to.

And that’s all our integration options in a nutshell!

As you know already, we have a variety of options to get connected with Parcel Perform and ensure all your parcels are seen in your account, but we are also very flexible when it comes to customizations. We understand you might have system or process driven requirements that need a more innovative solution.

Not to worry, our team of Parcel Perform astronauts stand ready to customize them for you. Have any questions about our integration options or need more support to manage your e-commerce logistics? Get in touch with us here.

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