Inside Retail Australia: Predicted Changes After Life is Back to ‘Normal’

(Image Source: Inside Retail Australia)

While everyone is adapting to the current situation, marketers should be planning their businesses for the next step – life after this crisis. Living life completely online has proven possible for many with consumers adapting their purchasing habits and lifestyle. The e-commerce industry is predicted to continue growing even after everything has returned to ‘normal’, and businesses that have already gone digital would need to work on perfecting their customers’ experience to stay ahead of their competitors.

The article also mentioned a couple things that might change or continue after this crisis:

  • Consumers might be making more trips to physical stores after months of shopping online for a physical shopping experience
  • Support for local businesses will continue to grow
  • Decrease in demand for products coming in from China (61.9% is said to refuse purchasing from China)

What do you think of these predictions? How will the retail industry be affected? Click on the link below to find out more on what businesses can do to deal with the new normalcy post-coronavirus.

Source: How brands can prepare for the ‘next normal’


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