Retaildive: IKEA Enables Resale as the Company Adopts Circular Economy

IKEA enables resale for US stores

(Image source: Secret NYC)

With the rising popularity of resale marketplaces and sustainable brands  like ThredUp, many businesses see resale as a sustainable business move, which can attract both younger consumers and be environmentally friendly. IKEA will be piloting the limited “buy back and resale” service in Philadelphia and aim eventually expand to all U.S stores. 

Form now until September 19th, customers who are subscribed to loyalty programs can bring “fully assembled and functional” IKEA furniture to Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. Based on its “condition, age and functionality”, it will be categorized and sold in the stores. 

In 2018, 9.7 million tons of furniture ended up in landfills. This resale service will help reduce a significant amount of thrown away furniture and furnishings, as well as making it more affordable for the majority. 

“We hope the Buy Back & Resell service inspires our customers to live a more sustainable life at home while giving their used furniture another life and a second home,” Jennifer Keesson, country sustainability manager at Ikea U.S said.

Source: Ikea plots resale for US stores


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