How To Win The Battle Against Amazon

Amazon PP Battle

A lot of our customers not only have their webshop to take care of, but feel the need to list their products on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon to scale up their revenue line and create a well-known brand.

As much as these channels are proven to help your business growth and expose you to more and more customers, they are also taking away traffic from your own website and increase the pressure on your pricing model. Quite a lot of merchants, therefore, wonder how to win the war against these retail giants and keep their customers in their own webshop environment.

We found an insightful case study, showcasing some helpful points to note. Follow the link for the full read here.

To make it simple, here are our two key takeaways:

  • SEO
  • Maintain strong shipping performance

As far as the second one is concerned, we at Parcel Perform would love to help you.
Start using our services to include tracking updates directly on your website and build a relationship with your customers, even after check out. We offer a free trial for all our customers, with no strings attached. Simply reach out to our e-Commerce experts now.

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