Google: YouTube Launches a New and Interactive Ad Format

YouTube announced a new ad format to make video ads more ‘shoppable’ for users and actionable for businesses.

With a simple click, users will be able to browse products while the ad is playing; featuring the brand’s product images and prices. Clicking on a product itself will bring users directly to the brand’s e-commerce site or a specific product page, where the purchase can then be completed. Marketers can use these ads as their ‘storefront’ and drive more conversions with a strong call-to-action on the ad itself.

(Image source: Google)

For companies, this could be an interesting lead generation tool – companies could add in a lead form into video ads without disrupting the users’ viewing experience.

With 70% of people attributing their purchases to seeing it in a YouTube video, YouTube hopes to help businesses strengthen their online presence and generate leads at a lower cost per conversion through this new feature.


Source: Drive results with new direct response solutions on YouTube


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