FreightWaves: eBay and UPS expand shipping relationship

(Image Source: eBay)

E-Commerce marketplace eBay and global shipping company UPS have announced that they will be expanding their shipping relationship.

eBay will be integrating UPS’ services into its platform, which will provide millions of users with easy access to UPS’ package-delivery portfolio. This integration is expected to be fully operational by the end of this month.

For years, eBay sellers had to go into UPS’ website to print out shipping labels for their orders. With this new agreement, UPS will be integrated into the label-printing function on the eBay platform.

Apart from receiving discounts on UPS’ services, sellers will also gain access to UPS’ 85,000 drop-off locations; such as company drop boxes and access points like UPS store retail outlets, local retailers, and national chains.


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