Forbes: Last Mile Delivery Post-COVID

E-commerce has been growing significantly over the last couple of years which was further accelerated by the recent pandemic outbreak. Online sales in the U.S have reached $73.2 billion in June compared to $41.5 billion a year ago. 

With this surge in e-commerce demand, the logistics industry has been facing tremendous pressure, especially in last-mile delivery. In this article, Forbes discusses some strategies companies like Amazon have adopted to improve the last-mile delivery experience, such as having more smaller warehouses situated in large urban areas and investing in drone technology.  

When it comes to last-mile delivery, a large majority of retailers today still rely on logistics carriers to provide this service. This however gives retailers little or no control over the final step of their customers’ shopping experience. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how this might change with the emergence of new disruptive technologies.

Source: What Will Last-Mile Delivery Look Like Post-Coronavirus?


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