Retail Dive: For Consumers, Experience Is Everything

For Consumers, Experience Is Everything

(Image Source: Retail Dive)

Brands nowadays are under constant pressure to make their online channels stand out from the crowd in order to stay current with the ever-changing preferences of their customers. In this aspect, Augmented Reality (AR) has been a valuable tool in making customer experiences more engaging and immersive.

“Not only are brands using AR as an always-on format, but they’re also using AR as a full-funnel solution. They’re trying to use AR at every customer touch point from driving awareness to getting deeper consumer engagement to increasing conversion at checkout,” said Allison Ferenci, Co-founder and CEO of software company Camera IQ.

Camera IQ is one of the firms that helps retailers simplify the production of AR experiences. Through the use of Camera IQ software, brands have successfully transformed their digital presence by leaps and bounds. This is increasingly crucial with more and more customers demanding more control over their digital experiences. 

In the words of Ferenci, customers are “not just looking anymore for passive, flat content like photo and video” as “they want to be part of the experience.” After all, AR activations generate a much higher engagement rate of 50% as compared to 1.6% for passive content.

For Camera IQ, the key is to prioritize mobile as such interactions feel more intimate when delivered through personal smartphones. According to Ferenci, “it (mobile) was the lowest barrier to entry for a brand to actually test and see AR work for them, as well as a place where you could test and learn very quickly.”

Source: ‘Consumers crave experiences’: How AR has evolved beyond mere try-ons




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