FedEx: Incorporating Robotics into Logistics

(Image Source: FedEx)

FedEx has been looking into ways to incorporate robotics into logistics operations, to help improve their delivery performance and meet the varied needs of today’s consumers.

The use of robotics can potentially alleviate labor shortage issues that have been plaguing the logistics industry in recent years. These robots can take on monotonous or lower-value tasks, and leave tasks that require a greater amount of effort, knowledge, and experience to their employees.

In the US, FedEx has rolled out robots in logistics facilities and offices. In 2018, they used an autonomous tagger to transport shipments that were too large to load onto their sorting systems. By studying the layout of warehouses and using built-in sensors, the robot is able to move efficiently even in complicated pathways.

Apart from warehouse operations, FedEx is also introducing robotics to improve last-mile delivery. For example, autonomous delivery robots to meet on-demand delivery requests from consumers who live close by.

At the rate technology is progressing, it will be fascinating to see how else large logistics players like FedEx might utilize robotics technology in their current processes to transform the customer experience.

Source: Combining Robotics and Logistics


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