Reuters: Eyewear Brand Warby Parker Files For U.S. Listing

(Image Source: Reuters)

New York-based eyewear company Warby Parker is preparing for a U.S listing to capitalise on the pandemic-fuelled boom in e-commerce. However, all detailed information about this is not disclosed to the public. 

Warby was founded in 2010 by four alumni of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. The company provides prescription eyewear at reasonable prices, starting from $95. 

The business is mostly conducted online but they also have traditional, physical stores in several markets such as the US and Canada. 

In the last funding round in 2020, the company raised $245 million. The public listing is a move to attract new investors to fulfill its target of opening 35 new stores this year. 

Like many other companies, Warby Parker files confidentially to withhold information about their financial strength from rivals for a longer period.

Source: Eyewear company Warby Parker files confidentially for U.S. listing


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