DX3 Canada 2021

DX3 offers a unique opportunity to meet, connect, and learn from experts in retail, marketing, and tech. Find answers to your questions, including those you never thought to ask.

The speakers are generous in sharing their insights and sought-after knowledge. This is the event to find the best combination of experts, all within the same event.

  • LEARN FROM EXPERTS – Both the conferences and the DX3 Talks offer a unique opportunity to learn from some of the most successful brands and professionals.
  • DISCOVER NEW PRODUCTS, TECH AND CONCEPTS – DX3’s large show floor is the perfect place to discover new innovations and find out what can work for your business and for you as a professional by speaking with engaging experts from the companies themselves.
  • NETWORK WITH NEW FRIENDS, BUSINESS ASSOCIATES AND COLLEAGUES – There are lots of opportunities to network at DX3, from simply meeting people on theShow Floor, connecting with speakers and workshop presenters, exhibitors, and even using the EVENT APP to message others. You may even post and share your experience with the rest of DX3.
  • CONNECT WITH PEOPLE, COMPANIES AND ORGANIZATIONS – Whether you are looking to advance your career, thrive as a professional or help take your business to the next level, there are people, companies and organizations participating at DX3 that may be able to help you!

DX3 offers a unique full and exciting two-day opportunity to learn, connect and discover, and it only takes place once a year.

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Register: bit.ly/2LoD5jz


Who should attend?

Retail, marketing, and tech professionals


Track parcels from over 600 carriers!


Mar 02 2021 - Mar 05 2021


10:00 am - 2:00 pm




Dx3 Canada
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