TechCrunch: DoorDash Launches In-App Security Features to Protect Drivers

DoorDash Launches In-App Security Features to Protect Drivers

(Image Source: DoorDash)

DoorDash launches SafeDash, a security toolkit designed to make their delivery providers feel more secure at work. The delivery company has partnered with ADT to introduce two new features “safety reassurance call” and “emergency assistance button”. There are indeed many parallels to Ubers driver Safety Toolkit, which is also equipped with an in-app emergency assistance button along with some other features.

SafeDash will be available in major cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, with plans to roll out to all U.S. carriers by the end of this year. “SafeDash was born out of feedback from Dashers, and our hope is that with access to these tools, we’re giving Dashers yet another resource to feel safe and secure on the road,” says Elizabeth Jarvis-Shean, Vice President of Communications and Policy at DoorDash.

Whenever they feel unsafe, users can contact an ADT agent through SafeDash at the click of a button. In any case that the person is unresponsive for a long time, ADT will proceed to call 911 to request for an emergency response. DoorDash plans to develop even more tools in the future, including virtual education, direct communications, educational materials, and in-app guidance. 

Source: DoorDash rolls out SafeDash, an in-app security toolkit for delivery people on the platform


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