Turn Delivery Updates into Powerful Marketing Tools

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Think about marketing channels and you’ll often think about newsletters, paid advertising or updates on social media. Today, we’re excited to share that there is another, often underused marketing channel that puts your brand in front of customers when they’re ready to take action.

It exists within your delivery updates and tracking page after your customer checks out from your store.

Did you know?

  • An average post-purchase delivery update commands open rates of 60-80%. In comparison, your average e-commerce email newsletter has open rates of 16%.
  • 93% of shoppers expect proactive delivery updates. Customers expect updates from their retailers and will seek out a tracking page; whether it’s in your own brand or your assigned carrier to get the latest updates on their deliveries.

Retailers then have an immense opportunity to expose their brand and marketing messages to a highly-engaged audience. Here’s how you can make full use of these opportunities by optimizing your branded tracking page and delivery updates.

Reflect the look and feel of your brand in your branded tracking page

Your branded tracking page should not only be functional to deliver the latest tracking updates to your customers but should also be visually pleasing and easy to comprehend.

A winning post-purchase journey reflects your brand consistently, instills confidence in your customers that you care about them and creates a unified customer experience throughout their buying journey.

Knowing that your customers will make intentional, recurring visits to your branded tracking page or engage with your email delivery updates, why not turn your branded tracking page into a prime marketing channel?

Start by including your logo and establishing your brand’s color scheme for your brand in your branded tracking page and email delivery updates. Treat them as natural extensions of your brand. Our customer and online fashion retailer OliveAnkara has done this successfully for their customers.

oliveankara branded tracking page

Other brand components to keep in mind while building your branded tracking page:

  • Favicon
  • Text color
  • Status indicators
  • Search box borders

parcel perform branded tracking experience

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Engage your customers with customized email delivery updates across the entire delivery journey

Did you know the probability of selling to an existing customer can be as high as 60-70%? Furthermore, research by mobile commerce company Shopgate found a regular returning customer can be worth up to seven first-time-buyers.

This makes sense. Once a customer has made a purchase, they’ve already shown interest and trust in your products and brand. It’s, therefore, easier to encourage existing customers to buy again and your email delivery updates play a significant role in engaging these customers.

Turn these emails into a valuable marketing channel to encourage repeat sales or customer engagement. Research shows 64% of customers consider transactional emails as valuable content –  they’re more likely to click on an order confirmation email and spend more time reading and taking action compared to a promotional email. They know at least part of your message is of a certain value to them and are poised to take action.

How then do you tap into this potential and engage your customers further for seamless customer experience?

The possibilities for customization are endless! Here’s how retailers like yourself use their post-purchase emails to drive sales and customer lifetime value.

Suggest additional products to buy in your order confirmation emails: Think about the tried-and-tested method of placing ‘best buy’ products near the cashier in a physical store. Do the same – online. Recommend products relevant to your customer’s purchase or encourage your customers to revisit your store.

For example, Dollar Shave Club allows customers to add other related products to their order before their orders ship in their order confirmation emails.

dollar shave club proactive delivery updates

Similarly, Crate and Barrel also include a cheeky “You’ll also love” section in their order confirmation emails.

crate and barrel delivery update and tracking page

Promote your social media presence and build relationships with your customers: Invite your customers to follow you on your social media channels or call attention to your latest social media campaign. If you have a branded hashtag on social media, prominently display it. Encourage your customers to engage with you on social media or generate more user-generated content with a specific hashtag.

iherb delivery updates email

For example, iHerb sends an email to their loyal customers to ask them for help to answer another customer’s question about a product they know about. It’s a useful method to help gather user reviews and social proof for new customers while building a community around their brand.

Show them additional content that may be relevant to your customers:  Lululemon directs their customers to information on product care, email sign ups or a store finder if they need help with their new purchases in their post-purchase emails:

lululemon order confirmation proactive delivery update email

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Create your own proactive delivery emails with our Email Editor

If you have a Silver or Gold subscription package with us, you can create your very own branded shipping emails in Parcel Perform.

Some of the things our email editor allows you to do:

  • Fully customize the content and layout of every tracking email at every stage of the delivery process.
  • Personalize your emails with your unique parcel details using our Field Placeholders
  • Customize the design and layout with HTML

READ MORE: For more information on how our email editor works and how to use it, refer to our guide here.

Ensure your branded tracking page and email delivery updates are mobile-optimized.

With 57 percent of all Internet traffic coming from smartphones and tablets, optimizing for mobile is essential. Besides ensuring your email and website is designed and built mobile-first, it’s also essential to ensure that all your online assets – including your tracking page and delivery updates – look amazing on mobile.

Check that the following are optimized for mobile:

  • Does your page pass Google’s mobile-friendly test?
  • Are all your image and video content visible and aligned properly on mobile devices?
  • Are all your text readable on different screen sizes?
  • Can you interact with all elements on your site especially the text input fields and search boxes?
  • Does your page load within 3 seconds?

Tip: All digital assets created through Parcel Perform are automatically mobile-optimized!

A simple guiding principle we found helpful to keep mobile devices in mind was asking ourselves this question, “How would I feel reading this copy and seeing this design on a small screen?”

Add a branded tracking page and proactive delivery updates to your marketing arsenal.

Buying something new online and waiting for it to come to your doorstep is exciting. But if you aren’t sure when your parcel is arriving or how it will arrive, it can also become a process fraught with uncertainty or frustration.

However, you have the power to make this a delightful experience.

Take control of this entire post-purchase process and gain a high-performing marketing channel to boost your brand with your own branded tracking page and proactive delivery updates.

On top of that, your customers will know that you care about them.

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