Boost Your Ecommerce Sales This Christmas By Taking These Steps (Part 1)

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Christmas is just around the corner. For many shoppers, holiday shopping has already begun, and much of it is happening online as these shoppers increasingly seek to skip crowds and long queues for more convenience. This is the time when it is extremely crucial that your eCommerce store is well prepared for the holiday crowd and against the heavy competition in order to maximise sales.

There are many ways to generate hype and boost sales at your store this Christmas season. This is the beginning of a 2 part series where we will be covering several tips you may find useful to make this Christmas a rewarding one for your eCommerce business:

Create a Gift Guide for your customers

Tis the season of giving – this means that many shoppers will be looking for gifts to buy for their loved ones, and they will be doing their gift research online. This is where you come in! You want these shoppers to find your products when they are browsing for gifts online, hence the perfect way to showcase your products and your brand, and inspire shoppers throughout the busy holiday season is to provide shoppers with a holiday gift guide. A gift guide is a powerful selling tool during this holiday season, and when used correctly, it can drive a lot of traffic to your store.


Allow them to create a Wishlist

Wishlists make a great marketing tool for a variety of reasons as they collect valuable insights of what shoppers are interested in. A wishlist improves customer experience and greatly reduces cart abandonment rate. By allowing your customers to create and share their wish lists, new visitors end up at your website when they see them – your store traffic and even your sales get a boost!


When shoppers sign up for your wishlist, they provide you with contact information that you can use to engage them with your email marketing campaign – one way is to offer them a discount to entice them back to your store to complete the purchase. Also, by offering shoppers a wishlist, you stand to process fewer returns, which tend to increase during the holiday season when shoppers purchase items or receive gifts they don’t really want.

Leverage on Social Media

Social media marketing puts your branding and products right where your target audience spends their time. Not only holiday shoppers, but especially the millennials spend more online, they also do a lot of research via social prior to purchase as well as social media posts such as photos of gifts received, or items purchased during this holiday season. This makes it a great opportunity to engage shoppers with promotions like holiday contests or flash sales – you can encourage shoppers to hashtag and share photos of their purchases. This will not only boost sales but also increase the exposure of your brand.

Send out Some Christmas Cheer – with Emails

Email makes a great holiday marketing channel, especially for retargeting customers. Send out Christmas greetings to your loyal customers to show that you have not forgotten them and reward them with exclusive discounts or additional gifts upon purchase to have them return to your store this Christmas season!

Ride on the FOMO

Create a sense of urgency using time-sensitive and limited-quantity offers and promotions to motivate shoppers to take action as soon as possible to avoid missing out. Use words such as ‘Limited Time’, ‘Last Chance’, ‘While Stocks Last’ or ‘Limited Quantity’.


In addition, a great way to intensify the urgency would be to install a countdown timer on your website.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this series!

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