It’s time to introduce yet another one of our amazing astronauts! This time, we have Tri, our Front-End Web Developer, to tell us more about what he does at Parcel Perform and his venture into web development:


Joshua: So, what’s your story?

Tri: My opportunity to become a Parcel Perform Astronaut came after completing my first project when I joined the Apollo Squad as a front-end developer for a couple of weeks.

Back then, when we just started there was only 1 member. We used to hold weekly meetings and I can still remember an amusing episode where they announced that the Apollo Squad had an incredible 200% increase in headcount…from 1 to 3 people! Subsequently, the Apollo Squad did grow bigger and merged into what is now the Parcel Perform Tech Hub in Vietnam.

Joshua: Apollo Squad, what’s that about?

Tri: Apollo Squad was a project team within the development house Silicon Straits which then later spun off and became today’s Parcel Perform development team here in Vietnam.

Joshua: What differentiates Parcel Perform from other companies?

Tri: Our entire Development team is aligned and focused on one thing: We aim to develop the best products that we can. I feel that is how Parcel Perform differs from other companies, we have common goals that help us all work well together.

We also have a very friendly and casual team culture – everyone in the Vietnam team usually does lunch and afternoon breaks together where we would chat or brainstorm about where to go for our next trip. There is also a nice park next to the office where we would often jog together.

Joshua: What’s a typical day for you?

Tri: I usually arrive at the office early to prepare myself. The Vietnam team – similar to the Singapore team – does a daily morning standup where everyone in the team gets updated on what happened the previous day and what we are going to do for the day. Following that, I will start work on the tasks prioritized for today during our weekly iteration planning sessions.

Joshua: As one of the longest standing members in the Development team, what would you say most motivates you to stay on at Parcel Perform and to do what you do?

Tri: Working at a startup is exciting as it is both a challenge and opportunity for me. What motivates me are the people whom I worked with at Parcel Perform – they came with a lot of knowledge and experience to make up a strong team, which I believe is one of the keys to Parcel Perform’s present and future success.

Joshua: How did you pick up coding and what made you enter the field of front-end web development?

Tri: I was curious about computers and how they work since my secondary school days. My first brush with web development was when I was tasked to set up the online forum for my high school – that was my first go at creating a public website.

After graduation, my friends and I started on a project ( creating an anime hosting website targeted towards teenagers. I also went on to work in front-end development and system administration, which eventually led me to my current role in front-end development.

Joshua: What’s next for you in your work and what are you looking forward to?

Tri: I want to be able to continually broaden my knowledge in web development and management. There are so many things to learn!

Joshua: What do you enjoy doing outside of your work?

Tri: Jogging and reading, mostly. I am also an introspective person so I like spending time on my own reflecting, thinking, and planning.

Joshua: What advice would you give to someone who is interested in web development as a career?

Tri: Aim to understand the product as much as possible. This industry is also fast-moving, so you need to be adaptable and open to learning from both failures and feedback. Last but not least, be an active contributor.

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