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Behind the scenes: Meet Richard, our Head of Product

You have heard a lot and hopefully experienced our services already. Now it’s time we put a face to our amazing Parcel Perform team.

At Parcel Perform, we have a funky team of astronauts who make sure parcels can be easily and accurately tracked by our software solution. And astronauts they are: they are the ones behind Parcel Perform’s takeoff, and the successful launch of every feature that powers each successful parcel tracking with Parcel Perform!

This is the first of a series of interviews that will feature individual Parcel Perform’s members. Read on to find out what a day of work at Parcel Perform looks like for them, their quirks and passions, and their motivations for doing what they do.

For our first interview, we are pleased to introduce Richard Matsumora, Head of Product at Parcel Perform.

richard1 Matsumora

Lesley: Hi Richard! Can you tell us a little bit about your background before joining Parcel Perform?

Richard: Hello! Well, I’m Japanese but I was born and raised in Canada. After earning a degree in Molecular Biology, I started working in my family business, which is a skincare company. Later, my interest in technology and computers led me to become an IT consultant with Accenture, where I worked mainly with clients from the telecommunications industry. After my MBA in France, I joined DHL as an in-house management consultant.

Subsequently, I took on another role at DHL eCommerce overseeing Business Development, which is where I met Arne and Dana, the founders of Parcel Perform. It was all very exciting when I was presented with an opportunity to work with them closely on Parcel Perform to help develop the products.

Lesley: Why did you choose to work with Parcel Perform and what do you like about working with us?

Richard: First, I have worked with the founders, Arne and Dana and I enjoy working with them.

I also relish the speed at which startups move and their focus on technology. Working in a startup, you get to see all aspects of managing a business and learn to be even more adaptable in the sense that you get to constantly switch between looking at the bigger picture, and diving into the finer details.

Over here at Parcel Perform, it is very exciting to be playing a role in that growth by continuously rolling out better technology that will help our e-merchants improve their shopping experience and last mile delivery standards. Being in Parcel Perform where business and technology are tightly intertwined pushes me to stay in touch with the e-commerce trends.

Lesley: How are Parcel Perform’s products relevant to the growing e-commerce sector?

Richard: Shoppers are going to want to buy those brands and products that are unavailable from where they are. This demand will accelerate the integration of cross-border e-commerce and see more and more independent businesses selling online; consumers are going to want greater transparency and control to be able to take that leap of faith into buying from them – They are not going to simply accept just about any brown parcel that comes to their door. Parcel Perform’s parcel tracking services not only brings better visibility but also open up additional channels where e-merchants can showcase their brand and engage customers.

Also, e-merchants often have to engage multiple carriers to fulfill their orders, but have little to no control over their delivery process, nor are they able to identify and hold a carrier accountable for poor service standards e.g. late deliveries. A delay due to any one of the carriers in the delivery process can ultimately mean lost sales. Parcel Perform’s solution offers actionable visibility to these e-merchants – we provide them with the aggregated data that allows them to evaluate carrier performance. With such insights they will be able to hold carriers accountable for meeting required service levels and make effective decisions that will best optimise their logistics.

Lesley: What differentiates Parcel Perform from other companies?

Richard: What really makes us different is the fact that we are so geared towards e-merchants and their customers experience. Our focus here is to help our e-merchants connect and forge deep solid relationships with their customers so that they not only get the best last mile delivery experience but associated this positive experience with the brand, which is what is going to drive loyalty.

Lesley: Can you share with us what’s an average day for you like?

Richard: Everyday is different as it really depends on the projects. A typical day for me would start off with a Stand-Up, where everyone in the team shares what they have done and what they are going to do for that day

I also have an iteration planning meeting or IPM as we call it, to plan out that week of development, where I connect virtually with the development team in Vietnam to discuss product features to be worked on that week. If we are working on product development and new feature launches, I’ll probably be in meetings with the founders and the development team the whole day.

At times, my day begins with a customer call. A successful business should be able to make a connection between the customer and its product. Your solution should be aligned with the problem customers trying to solve.

Lesley: What do you enjoy doing outside of your work?

Richard: I like to volunteer. I once spent a month in Uganda in an orphanage, teaching English and spending time with the kids. We also did fundraising to provide them food and to install for them a water filtration system. It was very fulfilling to be able to bring them joy and make a difference in the lives of these children. It was a memorable experience.

Lesley: As a product manager, what advice would you give to someone who wants to venture into product management?

Richard: Understand the customer. A great product manager will aim to know the customer inside out, suss out their pain points and concerns so that they might bring solutions to the problems their customers are trying to solve.

Lesley: Absolutely agree with you on that. Thank you for sharing with us, Richard.

Richard: My pleasure.