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Behind The Scenes: Meet Our Logistics Carrier Management Expert, Aravind

 It’s time to introduce another one of our amazing astronauts! This time, we have Aravind, our Logistics Carrier mapping guru to tell us more about his role at Parcel Perform and how he got started with us.


Joshua: So, what’s your story?

Aravind: I started with a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and went on to do a Masters in Transportation and Logistics at the Technical University of Munich Asia in Singapore. I needed to do an internship as part of my Masters and found Parcel Perform in my internship search.

Joshua: How did you start with Parcel Perform? I understand you were the first team member to join Parcel Perform.

Aravind: Being curious to know what eCommerce logistics was and how it worked, I interviewed with the founders Arne and Dana and got to know more about the product and the company.

Being the first member of the Singapore team besides the founders was a big responsibility. This was a fast-growing company, so I needed to do my best. We learned how to work independently and be patient with the results.

Joshua: Wow, how did that feel like?

Aravind: It was very exciting and challenging. Everyone had their own responsibilities and the flexibility to think creatively. I learned everyone needed to work together for our product to be the best it could be.

Furthermore, my work has a direct impact on customers. Any errors on my side affected the entire team, so this motivated me to be as conscientious with my work as

Joshua: What do you love most about working at Parcel Perform?

Aravind: As a fresh graduate, working at Parcel Perform gave me a lot of opportunities to learn new things. I gained confidence and new technologies to both learn and use from our founders and our Product team.

Our founders are senior executives from one of the global market leaders in the logistics industry and they gave me a lot of confidence to help shape the product.

Joshua: What’s a typical day on the job for you?

Aravind: Like everyone, we start off with the daily standup where everyone talks about what happened yesterday and their priorities for the day and what they’re going to focus on today. We also  have a Product team stand up where we sync up with the Vietnam team’s priorities for the day.

After that, I start with my day to day tasks; preparing daily performance reports and collecting data. My role involves coordinating with our technical team and working on  integrations between our 580+ logistics carriers and our product.

Next, I’ll be integrating multiple logistics service provider’s data into Parcel Perform standards to continuously improve our product’s tracking capabilities.

There’s also ad-hoc stuff to work on depending on customer priorities or deployment of new features or integrations.

Joshua: Favourite part and least favourite part of the job?

Aravind: I think they’re almost the same thing. That would be event mapping. It is my most important responsibility. laughs. That’s collecting data from global carriers for their respective parcels and setting up Parcel Perform standards for those parcels.

Joshua: So you like the overall sense of responsibility.

Aravind: Yeah of course. What I do directly reflects on the Parcel Perform team. Errors from my side mean the data we provide for our customers isn’t up to the high standards we are striving for.

Joshua: What motivates you at work?

Aravind: I am given the freedom and responsibility to own my area of expertise. As a fresh graduate starting my career with a fast growing team in a dynamic industry, this was a big deal for me and keeps me motivated.

Logistics is all about delivering the right product with the right quantity, in the right place and time. My role affects all parties involved in the logistics relationship; from merchants, carriers and third-party logistics partners.

I’m always curious to discover any new service providers or carriers we can integrate with to further help our customers. This keeps me on my toes.

Joshua: Biggest challenge in your day to day role?

Aravind: Logistics data can get VERY messy. With one parcel, there can be many events associated, sometimes it’s even hard to make sense of them.

For example, in a cross-border transaction, there are 2-3 carriers involved in the same parcel. Each carrier has their own standards and language and don’t follow a single standard. I need to understand how every carrier expresses their tracking events and translate it to our Parcel Perform standards.

When I work with customers involving many different carriers, I need to focus on multiple events simultaneously It’s tricky stuff, but manageable.

Joshua: What’s next for you and what are you looking forward to?

Aravind: There’s actually a Tamil proverb which I like: It is: “what you have learned so far is a mere handful, what you haven’t learned is the size of the world.” To me, it means there are always opportunities to learn.

I never thought I would be crossing the borders and working in Singapore; let alone working in an IT field. If I didn’t come to Singapore, I would be working in manufacturing or something related to  Mechanical Engineering. But life brought me to an IT service provider.

Right now, my focus is keeping myself updated with new software and learning how to better execute my key roles.


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