Entrepreneur: 4 Methods to Boost Customer Satisfaction for Your E-Commerce Brand

customer satisfaction

A successful business is a business that can retain and attract customers constantly. The pandemic created an advantageous environment for e-commerce to thrive and the competition is now more fierce than ever. In this context, maintaining a high customer satisfaction index is crucial for an e-commerce brand.  

Optimize live chat

Having to make a call to get the answer for a tiny inquiry would be a huge turnoff for customers. Most people will prefer having a shopping assistant who can quickly answer all questions related to the products or the purchasing process. That is where live chat shows its strength. 

41% of customers prefer live chats and 52% of buyers are more likely to come back to an online business platform with live chat available. You can use a chatbot for basic inquiries and offer human support for complex issues. 

Incorporate logistics and sales processes

The purchasing process doesn’t end when the customer decides to buy a product. It only ends when they already have the product in their hands. According to Narvar, 53% of online shoppers will cancel a purchase if the delivery date is not specified. Further to that, they also expect regular updates, such as when an item was shipped or if a delay occurred.

“Today’s customers want delivery options; they want to know when their order will arrive. The tight integration of sales and logistics is more vital now than ever before.” shared Antonio Perini, CEO of Milkman Technologies

Increase personalization

One big drawback of online shopping is the lack of social interaction that makes it less lively. Increased personalization in every interaction will improve the relationship between the brand and the customer. An Accenture report showed that 33% of customers abandon a business relationship because of lacking personalization. An email using the person’s name is obviously more engaging than a general greeting.

Collect feedback

The crucial element that affects the decision of online shoppers is trust. To attract new customers, your brand needs to build on your reputation and make your customers believe in your product and service quality. The most objective source an online shopper can look for are reviews from previous customers. 

By encouraging feedback, your brand shows customers the will to improve as well as accumulate testimonials that attract new shoppers.

Source: 4 Simple Ways Your Ecommerce Brand Can Better Serve Customers In 2021


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