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Parcel Monitor is the global knowledge-sharing community for E-commerce Logistics for merchants, logistics carriers and end consumers.

We are 100% carrier-independent, 100% focused on E-commerce Logistics. Our aim is to deliver a better e-commerce logistics experience for merchants, logistics carriers and ultimately the end consumer. Through data and the collective wisdom of the community, we believe we can turn-around traditional siloed mindsets today and create an open, collaborative space within the e-commerce logistics industry.

Since 2016, Parcel Monitor has been providing real-time shipment tracking updates (regardless of carrier or country) to millions of end-consumers, and an avenue for them to provide feedback about their experience.

With a treasure trove of parcel data amassed on the platform; from logistics performance, delivery timings to carrier ratings, we wanted to make these insights open and accessible to the community. Specifically, for retailers to learn about their customers’ post-checkout experience and for logistics companies and carriers to improve their services using industry benchmarks.

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