About Parcel Monitor

What is the Parcel Monitor Community?

Parcel Monitor is the leading platform for e-commerce logistics insights and global package tracking. By leveraging on our data capabilities, Parcel Monitor creates an open space for the ecosystem to discover, collaborate and innovate. 

Through data and the collective wisdom of the community, we believe we can inspire change in e-commerce logistics and deliver a better experience for consumers, merchants, and carriers.

With Parcel Monitor, consumers, professionals, and companies are able to: 

  1. Track Parcels and share their delivery experiences 
  2. Track Performance and benchmark it against the industry’s standard  
  3. Track Market Trends and be kept in the know of the latest buzz and innovations

Parcel Monitor also has a robust Partner Ecosystem consisting of media partners, data & research organisations, industry associations, and technology providers.

How did the Parcel Monitor Community Come About?

Why did we get started?

In 2016, Parcel Monitor was launched alongside Parcel Perform as a free real-time parcel tracking platform for consumers. This was born out of our belief that everyone is entitled to an outstanding delivery experience, especially something as fundamental as knowing where your e-commerce parcels are.

With a treasure trove of parcel data amassed on the platform; from e-commerce insights, logistics performance, delivery timings to carrier ratings, we identified an opportunity to make them accessible to the wider e-commerce logistics ecosystem. This inspired us to launch the Parcel Monitor Community in 2020. 

What can I expect from joining the Parcel Monitor community?

If you are an industry professional in the retail, e-commerce and logistics industry you can look forward to a wide range of content tailored to your area of expertise:

Industry professionals in the retail, e-commerce, logistics industry

If you are currently working in the retail, e-commerce, and logistics industry you can look forward to the following: 

Want to stay updated on the latest data-driven insights and industry news on e-commerce, logistics, retail, and supply chain?

Parcel Monitor has a trove of data that enables us to generate data-driven insights revolving around e-commerce logistics. We have also extended our knowledge of the e-commerce logistics industry into collaborations with external partners like Statista, RetailX, and Rakuten Insight. 

Our studies are highly informative and educational; you can expect a deeper understanding of the e-commerce logistics industry and the performances of different countries and regions. In addition to industry-focused studies, we source for the latest happenings in the industry and update the community. Expect to receive the latest updates within the tech and e-commerce logistics space. Learn about the latest brand collaborations, breakthroughs, funding announcements, and product releases with us without having to scroll through the news on your own.

Where can I find the latest e-commerce and logistics and supply chain events to grow my professional network?

Explore our Events Directory for the latest e-commerce, logistics, and supply chain events. Choose from a curated list of international conferences (both physical and virtual) and meet industry leaders in retail, e-commerce, logistics and supply chain.

Meet and expand your professional network through our Events Directory! If you are an event organizer and would like to feature your event in our directory, do not hesitate to contact us.

Interested to be part of the Parcel Monitor Partner Ecosystem? 

Parcel Monitor partners with the leading industry experts from retail, e-commerce, and logistics and supply chain. Through these ecosystem partnerships, we aim to provide visibility and insights into the e-commerce logistics space. 

Our partners come from different parts of the world, including:

  • North America: Insider Intelligence, Bold Commerce, Manifest, White Label World Expo Series, Reuters Events, etc.
  • Europe: Statista, REVIEWS.io, Transport Intelligence, DELIVER, CX1, The Retail Summit, etc.
  • Asia PacificRakuten Insight, Little Birdie, Ninja Van, Alcott Global, Online Retailer, Akolade, etc.

Check out our amazing featured partners on our E-Commerce Logistics Ecosystem Partners page! Or if you are interested in being part of our e-commerce ecosystem, drop us an email and join us as our partner.

E-Commerce consumers 

If you are looking to track your parcel, simply hop on to our parcel tracking platform along with your parcel tracking number.

How to track my package with Parcel Monitor? 

You can use the parcel tracking number provided by the online retailer through the order confirmation email. Alternatively, the tracking number is often included in a delivery update email which updates you once your package has been shipped. 

Using the global parcel tracking number provided, you can copy it and paste it on our global package tracking service. If you have a specific courier you are tracking with such as USPS package tracking, UPS package tracking, China Post package tracking, FedEx package tracking, DHL package tracking, and Yun Express package tracking, you can do so by entering your package tracking number and get an update on your parcel instantly.

Track your global packages with Parcel Monitor

How do I leave a review of my e-commerce delivery experience on Parcel Monitor?

Share with us your e-commerce delivery experience after you have tracked your e-commerce  packages with Parcel Monitor’s global parcel tracking service. After tracking your packages, you can leave a review or feedback on the tracking page. 

Regardless of the courier company, we have them all: USPS tracking, FedEx tracking, UPS tracking, China Post tracking, Yun Express tracking, DHL tracking, and more! 

Every e-commerce delivery experience matters. Start tracking your packages with Parcel Monitor’s parcel tracking platform and share your tracking experience with everyone.

How do I join the Parcel Monitor Community?

You can join our community by signing up with us by clicking here! All you need to do is select either your Linkedin or Google account and you’re all set. You can expect to receive the latest insights on the e-commerce logistics industry. 

Follow us on Linkedin to obtain these insights right on your feed and never miss any industry updates!





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